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Your hair is very important and significant. You bring so much value to your hair when you water it with love and natural components, giving your hair a chance to bloom it's best life every season. Let Complex Petals LLC show you a thing or two!

The Scope


2015 Color Fading




Flowers Don't pick Or Water themselves

Progress is Progress

Zhane' is one of our new Complex Petals babes. She recently shared with me her monthly growth journey, I was so impressed with how she not only purchased each product but she saw a difference in her length in little over one month! 

California Love

Featuring two of my favorite Complex Petals babes! She loves the avocado deep conditioner & so does her daughter. Jazz has been a returning customer from the beginning when we first stared in August of 2018. She also loves every one of our products & shared her end of the year hair journey with me. 

To the very right you can see her daughter Maya's porosity level has soaked up every drop of the deep conditioner which is super exciting because she also has dreads.


Talk About Results

The first picture you'll see her dreads before shampooing & deep conditioning. The second picture is during her deep conditioning & the third serves up a beautiful face with replenished & even more healthier locks. 


Your products are everything it makes my hair a lot softer and easy to manage when I deep condition with it I can't wait to tryout what's next that's why i'm saying girlie cause I need it and I others do too!

Roniecia Speights

I purchased the lavender conditionernd it had my 4c curls popping okkkk! Although it was a conditioner texture was close to a mayo it does provide slippage. Allowing me to finger detangle before rinsing... I would definitely recommend to a friend. I look forward to purchasing the leave in!

Complex Petal Babe

Girl !!!! I been meaning to send you this step by step tutorials I did! I used the conditioner and my hair was sooooo soft. Like it's always soft but it was bomb! Very lightweight and had my hair flowing. You definitely took your time and created a masterpiece. I was just on the website to order more. I can definitely see myself only using your products!

Bre Givens

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